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  • This site is just standard HTML, CSS (Nothing special here), PHP/MySQL and a bit of AJAX here and there. I solely developed this site - I think that is something to be proud of anyway.

    Design needs to be simple for all ages, attractive and easy to use. It's a lot harder than you think to have good usability on a site this big!!! Those who have done something similar to this from scratch will know what I am talking about.

    There is not a single bit of 'off the shelf' work on the its4sale website.

    Originally I had friends/family wanting to post items online... So I developed this originally for church's and community's to advertise for free. So, why not let everyone do it for free? And there you have it.
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webbyeasy - 3027 days ago
Looks nice and clean, with a bit of onsite SEO I reckon the website would do well.
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webbyeasy - 3025 days ago
Sorry I accidentally dugg down your site.. meant to digg it up.
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timgws - 3014 days ago
@admin you should make it so that users can change their votes.

Good work on the site! I concur with what webbyeasy says, however, just a few slight modifications to the front page could go a long way into making the site as a whole much more attractive. For example, ebay. Even though I really don't like flash (especially flash ads) at all, a few large images or large sized boxes in the main content area of the front page with product details would be nice too see. Not trying to be mean, just trying to point out something that makes the front page a little awkward to browse on.
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